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We are Mtn Born;
a photography, videography, and creative studio that prides itself on capturing the essence of outdoor adventure.

We are a team of passionate creatives (silly buzz word, we know) offering a comprehensive range of services to help businesses of all sizes succeed. From photography and video production to marketing consultation and creative design, we have the expertise to take your brand to the next level. We are also experts in social media management, PR, and branding. We can help you develop and execute effective campaigns that reach your target audience. We're here to help so that you can spend more time playing outside!

We're here to help so that you can spend more time playing outside!


How We Can Make An Impact


- Lifestyle Photography
- Branding
- Product Images
- Web Implemented Images
- Advertising Imagery

Video Production Services

- Documentary
- Events
- Short Films
- Commercials
- Advertising Content
- Post Production
- Location Scouting

Marketing Consultation

- Social Media Strategies and Management
- Copywriting
- Public Relations
- Email Marketing Campaigns
- In-App Advertising and Banner Ads
- Branding and Identity Development
- Business Development & Outreach Strategy

Creative design

- Identity and Brand Style Guides
- Collateral Design and Production
- Trade Show Display Design
- Apparel Graphics
- Package Design and POP Displays
- Booth and Event Graphics
- Digital Brochures
- Graphic Design

Social Media Management

- Full social account management
- Influencer Marketing & Campaigns
- Reels, Toks, and Shorts
- UGC Content
- Image Carousels
- Social Media Brand Identity
- Social Media Ad Management
- Community Outreach

Groovy & Fun

We're always glad to help. We're fun laidback team & push against the industry norms. Reach out with any and all questions!
"Videography is the outdoor industry's secret weapon. It's the most powerful way to capture the essence of adventure and inspire people to explore the outdoors."
Jordan Brookins
Lead videographer
unique & modern

Innovative Creative Media

The outdoor industry is constantly evolving, and creative media plays a vital role in helping brands connect with their target audience and inspire new adventures. From stunning photography and captivating videography to engaging social media content and interactive experiences, creative media is essential for building brand awareness, driving sales, and fostering a loyal community.

Stylish & Flexible

Result-Oriented Content Creation

By leveraging creative media, brands can differentiate themselves from the competition, engage with their target audience on a deeper level, and drive real business results.

We have your back

Go Hike & let our team
handle the rest

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